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#1 2020-01-23 23:31:09

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Kaba Reader Modul with SC-2560 reuse

Hello ,
i have a Kaba  reader Modul with SC-2560 and a sc-0050 chipset sourced from kaba reader access system.
The Kaba reader Modul has a 14 Pin connector.
2 Pins are for Power supply (GND /5V) the other 2 Pins seems to be serial connection.

I try find out reader commands by sniffing data if no other ways exist.

Eventually someone has information about this chipset (pin description / chip commands (to read / write Legic cards).....) which  can be shared?
Or some links?

OK  find the comman reference signal - can someone explain what the SC-005 chip is?

Greetings, Frank

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