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#1 2009-05-01 16:39:18

From: Toronto, ON
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tune command - gui quits too quickly?

Hey guys,

So I've finally got my proxmark and have got my "proxspace" environment all set up.
I've managed to compile everything too, and other than a few warnings (what cpp program doesn't compile with warnings? big_smile) it seems to have compiled successfully.

After connecting my proxmark (and watching the LCD bootup sequence) I've tried issuing the tune command however I've run into a few problems.

First: typing "tune" into the GUI and hitting enter seems to have no initial effect. The command is accepted (there is no "bad command 'tune'" error message) but no output is printed.
When I issue the "tune" command a second time, I see some output flash in the gui really quickly, but then the gui closes and returns me to the command prompt. There's no time to read the output.
The console I used to launch "prox gui" reports this message after the gui quits:
ERROR: The command completed successfully.

I've tried a few things like >'ing it to an output file but that of course doesn't work.
How do you guys see your tune output?
Could this be something wrong with my setup?

I'd tell you which firmware I'm using, but to be honest I don't know since I'm unable to flash the thing either! The bootup sequence appears to indicate that it's not one of the newest builds that require the pushbutton be held down to flash:
All lights
No lights.

My flashing problem is a topic for another post in the proper area though... gonna go write that one up now.

Looking forward to getting this thing up and running so I can start contributing,


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#2 2009-05-01 22:58:04

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Re: tune command - gui quits too quickly?


  -> As you don't know about the firmware version, maybe you can tell us more about the origin of your proxmark? We might be able to help you better then ?

  If you cannot flash the firmware, why did you set up a compile environment, btw ?



#3 2009-05-02 09:07:33

Registered: 2008-08-19
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Re: tune command - gui quits too quickly?

The fact that the GUI quits on you is a indication of a comms problem or that the board firmware crashed and the board restarted. Do try and reflash the firmware. If the board boots while holding the button down you have an early version firmware. You have to flash all 3 sections (boot,fpga,osimage)


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