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#1 2021-05-20 18:06:11

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magnetic stripe cards

Greetings to all in society!

I am in the office and we have parking solved using Indala parking chips (working indala clone in proxmark). The chips are fine, there is no problem.

We also have classic paper cards with magnetic tape. This tape is as big as the one on those credit cards. With the difference that it is located in the middle of the card. In order to load the cards, I bought an Osayde MSR605U reader connected via USB. Since there is a magnetic stripe in the middle, there are two ways to read the card. In Excel, therefore, both cards have both sides.

I tried to use the separation of groups of numbers to find out at least some data related to what could be written on the card, however, to no avail.

Any other format like ISO, AAMVA, CA DMV does not work. Raw Data only.

As for the first two cards, they are made especially in the system to appear paid on departure. Most likely, since the serial number of the card has only 0, it would be enough to always rewrite the date for this code. I think it examines the date on the card, and if it's more than 30 days, the car won't let out with that card.

EXCEL with RAW data of some cards is here
photo of card 1 and 7

Thanks a lot for anything


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