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#1 2020-04-14 08:32:04

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hf mfdes commands - updates

Thanks to GitHub user @bkerler,  the DESFire commands got much needed love.   

See below for current implementation of the command set.

[usb] pm3 --> hf mfdes
help              This help
info              Tag information
list              List DESFire (ISO 14443A) history
enum              Tries enumerate all applications
auth              Tries a MIFARE DesFire Authentication
createaid         Create Application ID
deleteaid         Delete Application ID
createfile        Create Standard/Backup File
createvaluefile   Create Value File
createrecordfile  Create Linear/Cyclic Record File
deletefile        Create Delete File
clearfile         Clear record File
readdata          Read data from standard/backup/record file
writedata         Write data to standard/backup/record file
getvalue          Get value of file
changevalue       Write value of a value file (credit/debit/clear)
formatpicc        Format PICC
[usb] pm3 -->

This is awesome!


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