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#1 2020-02-12 15:34:21

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iclass fob question

I have a question regarding replacing a degrading old fob that I have.

I have a legacy iclass fob (the black round fob with the blue HID logo).

I have dealt with low frequency fobs relating to my job and have found many are able to be programmed using a T5577 card.  Is this the same idea behind the legacy iclass fobs?  Can any iclass fob/card work?  I've successfully read the fob and believe I can duplicate it.  (I'm hoping to put the credentials on a card instead of the little fob as they often get chewed pretty badly on my key chain)

Any help is appreciated.  I'm still new to high frequency rfid technology, but definitely looking to learn as much as possible. 

I have some of the NXP mifare classic gen1a magic cards, but I'm going to assume that the technology simply is different and they are not compatible with iclass.  (like I said I'm use to the t5577 cards being kind of universal).


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