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#1 2018-03-13 20:30:57

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What's up, Iceman?

Figured I might as well address you directly, since you're the one reading through all of these.

So who am I?
Some guy from Germany who just graduated their computer science major 2ish months ago. Studied it for the same reason I got the Proxmark3 - I'm just curious about how the system internals and technologies actually work.

Reverse-engineered multiple applications w/ IDA over the course of the 3 years and got somewhat bored of it now, since I feel like I'm at a level where the patterns repeat. So I'm onto my next quest - RFID and NFC; just got my RDV2, but been reading on the topic for over a year now.

Regarding that topic - I'd be happy for some pointers on reading up on the Proxmark3's core functionality and how its stock-firmware attacks work/how they vary in order to understand the bigger picture. On the same note - is there any documentation on your/Iceman's fork; e.g. how it differs exactly?

Aside from that I'm still somewhat confused on why the PM3 can only simulate either LF or HF cards in standalone mode. Also - is there any documentation available on the standalone mode, its LEDs and the general possibilities whatsoever? Would be greatful if you could shed a light.

I think that's enough for now. I'd be happy to become a productive part of the community that helps people to easier understand the handling and underlying technologies, as condensed & centralized documentation is lacking.

Until then, all the best from Germany


#2 2018-03-13 21:23:38

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Re: What's up, Iceman?

Welcome,    and its down to read all material on Github repo.   The wiki,  the documents in the repo folders,  and the sourcecode.
After some weeks/months you get a pretty good picture of how you think it works.  Then you look at another part of the code and it is complete different. So back to learn that part,  and rince and repeat. 

Most subjects are covered in the forum,  and datasheets,  o, the datasheets.   You going to love them.

Happy learning!

If you feel the love,



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