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#1 2016-05-19 02:37:34

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I would like to construct something similar to the ProxClone Long Range Cloner, specifically targetting LF 125Khz, such as HID ProxCard II. I see on Alibaba etc. ads for an LF antenna that can allegedly read at 100cm, comparable to the HID MaxiProx 5375, but significantly cheaper (even when buying 2nd hand ones).

I'm a noob and RF and electronics, is it as simple as wiring the big antenna to the ProxMark3, or do you need an RF front-end designed for it (correct voltage, amps, and other characteristics etc.)? Would it be as simple as adding a some components or simple circuit to balance the impedance or similar (such as adding a cap or resistor or something) or is it a much more complex task. I've read on some forum (not sure if it was this one, and I can't find it now) that for a large and high power long range antenna you need much more powerful circuits and the ProxMark3 wasn't designed for it (cannot do it).

I'm tempted to buy a HSY-L08X, but to experiment with but I also don't want to damage my nice ProxMark3, could the antenna push too much power into the PM3 and damage it's components?

I've tried to study up on RF and antennae design but the more I read the more surrounding knowledge things seem to take, it's a complex subject. I've searched this forum and on google regarding this combination and found nothing. So if this post serves to draw peoples attention to it, or to answer that it's suitable or not, then it may help others.

Any help appreciated.


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