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#1 2017-11-10 00:07:45

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Need Help Mifare Plus aes 128


ATQA :  0x0400
SAK   :  0x20
ATS   :  0x09780092025413020400

Log Data 16 Bloack Data hava um maybe 4k card

=> MIFARE Plus 4k

I am conducting extensive research on security.

We snooped the process of writing data(maybe increment process) to the Mifare plus card.

Is key value exposed in snoop data?

In security level 3, anti-tearing is supported for the update of AES keys as well as for the update of the sector trailer.

Is the 16-byte Key value constantly changing?

this is plus write or increment command on MIFARE Plus

adpu------------------|---------write log data block-----------| response? data    | end of apdu |  crc
0b 00 90 42 00 00 10 00 00 01 00 09 51 52 82 00 02 a8 4f      f1 00 b1 f0              08          90 d4

this command replay error occur like this
-> 0B 00 91 0F 67 6E

i don't know what this error but think No permission

Is there anyone in the command line of mifare plus?

Is there only a way to get NDA and NDA?

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