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#1 2022-07-10 17:29:26

Registered: 2022-07-10
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resuming proxmark3 harwares


Is it possible to have a synthesis of existing hardware of proxmark3 ?

This is what I have been able to understand:

- there is one open hardware board available in the github of the project
- the companie proxgrind have evelopt several hardware (not open as far as I know)
   - Rdv2
   - Evo
   - Chameleon Mini/Tiny
   - Rdv4
- and a lot of proxgrind’s copies available on aliexpress. Theses copies often have custom firmware witch are not always usable or reprogrammable.

I didn’t find any thread resuming this.

Can anybody correct and complete what I said? It would also be great to have a comparison of these hardware.
Even if somebody could bring some info about cheep copies and recommend some witch could work.

And it can be usefull for new people to have a clean sticky poste that resume this, it can even be a guide to know what to buy depending on our usage

thanks in advance


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